General sales terms and conditions

General informations

A. Totality

The following general conditions govern the relationship between the customer and Maison Père SAS for the purchase of Maison Père - products (“products”) on the website (“general sales terms and conditions”) in using this website, the customer accepts them without reservation. The website (hereafter known as “the website”) belongs to Maison Père SAS, with a share capital of 10 000 euros, and headquarters located at 1 rue du Marché Saint-Honoré 75001 Paris registered at the registre du commerce et des societés de paris under the number 801 334 467.

For the purpose of the general sales terms and conditions, the customer refers only to the consumer, or an individual who acquires a product outside of any professional activity.

Maison Père SAS and the customer agree that the general sales terms and conditions exclusively govern their relationship. These general sales conditions are accessible at all times on this website and will prevail over, if applicable, any other version or contradictory document. Unless otherwise specified, the details recorded by maison père sas constitute the proof all transactions.

Maison Père SAS reserves the right to modify at any time the general sales terms and conditions. The modifications of these general sales terms and conditions are legally enforceable to users of the website from the time of their appearance online and cannot apply to transactions completed antecedently. Validation of an order by the customer constitutes acceptance without reservation of the general sales terms and conditions.

The language used for the conclusion of the sales contract is French or English, depending on the choice of language made by the user when connecting to the website.

The customer is asked to carefully read these general sales terms and conditions which are made available on the website for the customer to memorize. Upon request, maison père sas will send a copy of the general sales terms and conditions to the customer by email.

B. Indivisibility

The current general sales terms and conditions and the personal information protection policy form an indivisible entity and the customer, in finalising a transaction with Maison Père SAS, accepts both of these documents without reservation.

C. Jurisdiction

Access to sales by the intermediary of this website is reserved exclusively to customers residing in the European Union and the United States of America.

D. Available stock

Product offerings depend on the limit of available stock. Indications of product availability are updated upon the finalisation of an order.

Maison Père products sold online are subject to the limit of available stock at the time of the order. Maison Père SAS reserves the right to modify at any time the quantities and/or the nature of the products that can be purchased on the website. Maison Père SAS also reserves the right to modify the terms or the duration of a special offer or promotion. Maison Père SAS will inform the customer if the order cannot be completed. Online orders are not limited, but can be subject to regulation in case an excessive number of items are ordered.

The different statuses of product availability are as follows:

  • Available: the product is ready to be shipped
  • Shipment possible within 3 business days
  • Not available: the product is currently out-of-stock, but it is possible that we will receive more stock in this item.

Contact the Maison Père customer service ( for all questions relating to products or product availability. The availability status of a product can be an error. In the case of the unavailability of a product, Maison Père SAS will inform the customer and cancel the order.

If the product searched for is not present or available on the website, it may be found in one of the maison père retailers. Please consult the page entitled « stores » ( for information about the maison père retailers around the world.

Sales contract

A. The customer must first choose which product or products he/she would like to order. For every order completed, the customer accepts the price and the product description available upon purchase, as well as the conditions of shipment. All online orders are subject to acceptance of Maison Père SAS customer service.

B. The customer receives an email once the purchase is completed and must verify the details of the order in the confirmation email and contact the Maison Père SAS customer service ( in case of an error at most 3 days after the order date.

C. For the purchase to be finalised Maison Père SAS, the customer must accept, by clicking the link indicated, the general sales terms and conditions, the personal information protection policy, and the general conditions of use of the website.

D.the purchase will not be considered complete until after Maison Père SAS sends an order confirmation email to the customer.

E. In the case that Maison Père SAS will not be able to ship the merchandise purchased due to a sudden unavailability of stock, even if temporary, maison père sas will inform the customer via email within 20 (twenty) days of the placement of the order. If the customer wishes to cancel the order, Maison Père SAS will refund the payment made as soon as possible, at most 14 (fourteen) days after the order confirmation is sent.


A. The price of the purchase must be paid in full in one payment realized during the placement of the order.

B. The furnishing of a credit or debit card number online and the final validation of the order serve as proof of the agreement of the customer in accordance with the dispositions of the law of march 13, 2000, concerning:

  • the ability to pay the amount due upon the completion of the order
  • signature and formal acceptance of the operations performed

In the case of fraudulent use of the credit or debit card, and upon official report of fraud, the client is invited to contact our customer service at

For orders made online at, only the following forms of payment are accepted:

  • Debit card
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American express

Payments by cash or check are not accepted.

The purchase amount is not applied to the payment method selected until after the verification of the card information, reception of payment autorisation from the attached financial institution, and the confirmation of product availability from Maison Père SAS.

The payment method provided will be charged once the order is ready to be shipped.

For security reasons, the name and address on the order form must be the same as those attached to the payment method used. Customer service reserves the right to cancel any order that does not correspond to these criteria.

For all returns, a refund will be applied to the same payment method used for the purchase. No store credit will be granted online or in our boutiques. 


A. All product prices indicated on the website are in € (euros) and in $ (dollars) and include all applicable taxes. The cost of handling, shipping, transport, and delivery are not included in the price, but are factored into the final bill.

B. Maison Père SAS continuously verifies the prices indicated on the website, but cannot guarantee an absolute absence of error therein. If an error in the price of an item appears, Maison Père SAS gives the customer the chance to reconfirm the purchase at the correct price, or to cancel the order. If Maison Père SAS is unable to reach the customer, the order will be cancelled. Maison Père SAS is not obligated to sell a product at an erroneous price, even if the order confirmation was already sent to the customer.

C. A receipt is established by maison père sas and sent by email to the customer, after the confirmation of the order.

Product shipment

A. Methods and costs of shipment

Our products are only shipped worldwide, at the address indicated by the customer on the website at the time of purchase. Orders requesting delivery to a post office box will not be accepted.

Shipping fees are the responsibility of the customer and appear distinctly before the purchase is finalized, and again on the order confirmation. They can vary depending on the mode of shipment chosen, the amount of the order, and the destination of the shipment.

Settled fees:

  • Metropolitan France and Monaco 18€
  • European Union 20€
  • Outside Europe 50€


In the case of specific requests by the customer regarding the condition of the packaging or the transport of the products ordered, duly accepted in writing by Maison Père SAS, the subsequent costs will be factored into a separate bill, according to a quote previously accepted in writing by the customer. Delivery of the merchandise must occur in the presence of the customer, or another person designated by the customer at the shipping address indicated in the order. At the moment of the delivery of the merchandise, the customer is asked to verify that:

  • The number of packages delivered corresponds with the indications of the transport document,
  • immediately contest any potential damages resulting from the packaging and/or the products or any error relative to the number of packages delivered or the non-conformity of the indications, by indicating the damages in writing on the delivery document. After a signature is provided on the delivery confirmation document, the customer can no longer contest the exterior aspect of the delivery.

After a signature has been provided, if the customer has failed to respect the above formalities, the delivered products will be considered normal, without any apparent flaws, and Maison Père SAS will not validly accept any claim. Maison Père SAS will replace, free-of-charge, any delivered products with apparent flaws or that do not conform to the purchase order, which are duly proved by the customer.

B. Shipment periods

The products are shipped from our warehouse within 72 hours of the confirmation of product availability and acceptance of the order. The shipment will take place within 3-5 business days in France and 5-7 business days in the European Union, and 7-15 business days in the United States of America. 

Orders are shipped from monday to friday, with the exception of holidays and french national holidays. Maison Père SAS will not be held responsible for unforeseen shipment delays. Except in the case of a force majeure, products are delivered with a maximum delay of 30 (thirty) days, beginning the day following the placement of the order by the customer.

Maison Père SAS is committed to making the best effort to ship the products ordered by the customer within the timeframes described above. Nevertheless, these timeframes are an estimation and any potential delay does not give reason for a damage claim. However, after this 30-day period, the customer has the right to cancel the order. The purchase amount will be refunded to the customer without delay, with the exclusion of any compensation or fees. 

C. Order status

Once UPS has initiated the product shipment, the customer will receive a confirmation email.

For security reasons, Maison Père SAS does not provide the shipment number to the customer, but keeps the shipment numbers for each order. For all questions concerning an online order, please contact the Maison Père SAS customer service (

Transfer of property and risks

The risk of loss or damage of the products is transferred to the customer upon delivery of the order. 

Right of retraction

In order to exercise your cancelation right, you are bound to communicate us (address: Maison Père SAS, 1 rue du Marché Saint-Honoré 75001 Paris, your decision to cancel the present contract through an explicit declaration (letter or e-mail). You can use the cancelation form available in appendix, but it is not compulsory.

To respect the cancelation delay, you just need to send a message relative to the exercise of the cancelation right before the cancelation period dur date.

Effects of Cancelation

If you choose to the cancel the present contract, all the payments made to our advantage will be repaid to you, including the forwarding charges (except additional expenses due to an eventual selection of a kind af delivery being more expensive than the standard delivery price that we propose). The client is granted, conforming to the dispositions of article L 121-20 of the consumer code, a cancelation period of 14 consecutive business days following the date of delivery to return the products to Maison Père SAS for a refund, processed under the same terms of the initial payment; furthermore, all expenses linked to the refund are at our expense. Regarding a several items order, the forwarding charges will not be refund except the case of a cancelation of the overall order.

Items sent back must complain a return slip, which will be sent to you when receiving your declaration, and the receipt, according to the conditions stated in article "returns" of the general sales terms and conditions.

The products have to be returned in their original packaging and in perfect condition within 14 business days of the delivery. Articles that are damaged, dirty, or incomplete will not be accepted for return.

You are asked to return the goods by using our carrier after attaching the pre-payed shipping label on the package you are returning. This label will be provided to you by Maison Père SAS from communicating us your will to cancel the present order for European countries. For any purchase outside UE and from Danemark, returns will be upon customer cost.

Responsibility- guarantee

A. Responsibility of the seller

All Maison Père SAS products conform to the following legal dispositions:

  • legal guarantee of conformity,
  • legal guarantee against hidden flaws resulting from an imperfection of the material, the pattern, or the production, affecting the delivered products and making them improper for use,
  • manufacturer guarantee, in function with the relevant products and brands.

All guarantees are excluded in the case of improper use, negligence, or faulty maintenance on the part of the customer, as well as in the case of the normal wear of the product, an accident, or force majeure. The guarantee by maison père sas is limited to replacement or refund of products containing flaws.

The responsibility of maison père sas is limited to the purchase amount of the customer’s order.

In order to exercise these rights, the customer must notify Maison Père SAS in writing of the existence of flaws within 7 days of their discovery. If no written notice is received by Maison Père SAS within this 7-day period, the customer relinquishes all rights to this guarantee.

Maison Père SAS guarantees a replacement or repair of products or accessories judged defective. Products sold on the website conform to strict inspection in france. Maison Père SAS will not be held responsible in the case of non-conformity to the legislation of the country to which the products are shipped, which the customer must verify.

The photographs and illustrations that accompany the products on the website have no contractual value and will not engage the responsibility of Maison Père SAS.

The customer is solely responsible for the choice of products, to their keep and use.

Maison Père SAS will not be held responsible, or in error, for any delay or failure resulting from any force majeure generally recognised by french jurisprudence.

B. Website responsibility

Maison Père SAS will under no circumstances be held responsible for any imprecision, inaccuracy, or omission relative to the information available on the website, (any damages resulting from a modification of information appearing on the website caused by fraudulent manipulation by a third party, and any damages, direct or indirect, whatever the cause, origin, nature, or consequences, resulting from use of the website or the inability to access it, as well as use of and/or trust in a certain piece of information originating directly or indirectly from the website.

Change or cancellation

For all order modifications or cancellations, please contact the Maison Père SAS customer service ( within 7 days of the placement of the order.

We will do all we can to satisfy your request. However, once the product has been shipped, the order cannot be modified or cancelled.

Returns and Exchanges

If an order contains several products, the return of one or more of the products must be made at the same time.

Please note that the following information applies solely to the purchases made on the Maison Père website ( A separate return and exchange policy applies to purchases made in our boutiques.

Returns on all orders made on the Maison Père e-commerce website ( are accepted within 14 days of the date of delivery, under the condition that the original receipt accompanies them. Returned products are fully refunded to the same payment method used for the purchase.

In order to exercise your exchange or return of goods shipped right, you are bound to communicate us (address: Maison Père SAS, 1 rue du Marché Saint-Honoré 75001 Paris , your decision to exchange or return one or several product(s) through an explicit declaration (letter or e-mail).

Products must be returned in their original condition, unused, unwashed, and in their original packaging. All tags found on the product must remain intact and attached to the item in their original position. All fragrances must be unopened and must remain inside their protetive plastic wrapping.

Maison Père SAS reserves the right of refusal to accept products that do not conform to the conditions mentioned in the general sales terms and conditions. In this case, the merchandise will be sent back to the customer.

Returns are free of charge for european countries and a prepaid shipping label will be sent to you as soon as your declaration will be received. For any purchase outside UE and from Danemark, the return bill is upon the client.

We do not provide product exchange if they are conform and not vitiated.

To make a return, please follow the procedure below:

  1. Complete the return form received with the shipment
  2. Carefully pack and seal the package being returned without forgetting to include the return form
  3. Attach the prepaid shipping label to the outside of the package box
  4. Drop the package off at a UPS/DHL shipping center or drop-box, or contact UPS/DHL to shedule a pick-up. You can reach UPS at: 0821-233-877/DHL: 0825-10-00-80
  5. The payment method used for the original purchase will be credited within 2 weeks of the receipt of the return shipment. A confirmation e-mail will  be sent once the return is validated and processed.

Data collection and freedom

The required personal information collected on the website are protected under the personal information protection policy published on the website, whose terms the customer is asked to accept upon finalising an order.

Intellectual property

All elements on the website, whether visual or auditory, including the underlying technology, are protected by the rights of the creator, the brand, or patents.

They are the exclusive property of Maison Père SAS. Any customer who possesses a personal website and would like to include a link to the homepage of our website for personal use, is first required to obtain authorisation from Maison Père SAS.

However, any hypertext link connecting to the website using the technique of framing or inline linking is strictly prohibited.

In every case, all links, even those tacitly authorised, must be removed upon the request of Maison Père SAS.

Hypertext links can connect to other websites than our website. Maison Père SAS releases all responsibility in the case that these websites contravene the applicable laws and regulations.

Force majeure

A. All circumstances independent of the will of Maison Père SAS and of the customer, which prevent the normal execution of their obligations, are considered reason to exonerate Maison Père SAS and the customer from their obligations, and lead to their suspension.

B. The party who invokes the circumstances described above must warn the other party of their occurrence, as well as of their resolution.

C. Circumstances or facts considered cases of force majeure will be those deemed uncontrollable, outside of the parties involved, unpredictable, inevitable, independent of the will of Maison Père SAS and of the customer, and which cannot be prevented by them, despite all reasonable efforts.

Specifically, circumstances considered the result of force majeure or chance, other than those generally upheld by the jurisprudence of the french court and tribunals, are: blockage of transport or of stock, earthquakes, fires, storms, floods, lightning, interruption of telecommunication service, or personal difficulties with telecommunication service uncontrollable by the customer.

D. Maison Père SAS and the customer will be in contact to discuss the circumstances of the event and agree on a solution, within which execution of the contract will be pursued. If the case where a force majeure has a duration of more than three months, the general sales terms and conditions can be terminated by the aggrieved party.

Partial non-validation

If one or several stipulations of the general sales terms and conditions are found invalid or declared as such in the application of a law, a regulation, or following a definitive decision of a competent jurisdiction, all other stipulations will remain valid and enforceable.


If one of the involved parties does not signal the neglect of the other party to fulfill its obligations as described in the general sales terms and conditions, this will not be considered a permanent renunciation of the obligation in question.

Applicable law- competent jurisdiction

A. The general sales terms and conditions are submitted to the application of french law.

B. All litigation, and all difficulty of interpretation, application, and contestation, as well as all difference of opinion relating to the non-contractual obligations and their results will be left up to the competence of french jurisdiction.

Precontractual information- client acceptance

The client recognises being communicated, before the conclusion of the sales contract, in a clear and comprehensible manner, the general sales terms and conditions and all of the information and guidelines found in article l 121-19 of the consumer code, and in particular:

  • the principal characteristics of the proposed services in the measure appropriate to the communication method used and to the relevant services;
  • professional identity (company name, establishment’s geographic address and telephone number);
  • the total price of service, taxes included; or if the price cannot be reasonably calculated in advance, the mode of calculation for the price, and, if applicable, all supplementary fees; or if the fees cannot be reasonably calculated in advance, the mention that supplementary fees may apply;
  • when applicable, the modes of payment, execution, and the date which the provider plans to execute the service and the predetermined modalities for the handling of damage claims;
  • reminder of the legal guarantee applied to services, the existence of an after-sale service and the commercial guarantees, when applicable, as well as the afferent conditions;
  • the duration of the contract, when applicable, or in the case of a contract with an indeterminable duration or automatic renewal, the termination conditions of the contract.

In finalizing a purchase order on the website, the customer agrees to adhere in full to the general sales terms and conditions, which are explicitly communicated to the customer. The customer hereby renounces to present any contradictory document, which will be considered invalid by Maison Père SAS.