Collection Printemps-Été 2018


For the 2019 Summer collection, Maison Père relives the Biba frenzy. Created in 1964, in London, Barbara Hulanicku built what was nicknamed the most beautiful store in the world. Biba aesthetic inspired Maison Père to create Afterglow. A genuine breath of fresh air, this boutique transported us into an atmosphere that was both Art Deco and forward thinking; it was a place where anything was possible, going against the current of dictates, where fashion was set free, where youth dominated and can expressed itself. Maison Père has imagined the biba-girls of our generation - retro glamour silhouettes and feathers mix with jewels accessories and embroidery. The prints and logos preserve graphic Art Deco influences that are dear to the brand, while leopard print reminds us on the effervescence of the 70’s. Af terglow takes us back to this legendary Biba time.